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ID4: Demonstrate the Benefits

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Executive Summary

StickSafe is a simple, environmentally friendly, low cost device that can significantly reduce needlestick injuries from hypodermic needles and vacutainers. Its innovative design intuitively encourages healthcare workers to adopt safer workplace practices.

Quick Detail

Innovation Owner:
Michael Korn
Development stage:
ID4: Demonstrate the Benefits

Project Detail

Needlestick injuries are wounds caused by the accidental puncture of the skin by a needle, and occur when needles are exposed during use and disposal. Such injuries carry the risk of infection of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C, and require sometimes complex and lengthy treatment.

In the UK, an estimated 100,000 needlestick injuries happen each year. Apart from the physical injury, needlestick injuries subject NHS staff to stress and anxiety. The NHS bears an estimated cost of £300 million each year through lost workdays, litigation and the absence of highly trained personnel from the workforce.

StickSafe compels the user to re-sheath contaminated needles and ensures safe separation of the used needle from syringe before disposal – avoiding the biggest causes of needlestick injury. StickSafe is fully compatible with standard hypodermic needles and vacutainers and enhances the safety and functionality of the trays currently used to transport syringes and needles to and from the patient. StickSafe is cheaper than alternative modified needles and requires very little training.

Reduces risk of needlestick injury by over 50%. - Potential NHS savings of over £160 million


Key Facts


  • Patient experience
  • Patient safety
  • Service quality

Healthcare Areas

  • Primary Care

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